Monday, November 06, 2006

Jeremy's audition before he got into Top 24 for Project Superstar. Video quality not so clear cos taken using a handphone by his friend.

Please support him for his performance next week.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Project Superstar 2

ok I do feel weird doing up this entry but well, this guy below is my primary school classmate and secondary school mate so must support him. He's a Christian too so even more obliged to support him for the competition.

Jeremy Kwan, 23, NUS Engineering Yr 2

So everyone, if possible, please vote and ask your friends to vote for him.

To know more about this year's contestants/contenders for Project Superstar 2, please go to the following links below.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Interesting Speeches from TalkingCock In Parliament

I'm neither anti-govt nor pro-govt but these 2 videos do speak a lot of our recent problems in Singapore. Enjoy everyone.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Well hit the 23 mark of my life on 13th Jul 2006 in one piece and still alive now...

Trying to remember what my friends had gotten for my birthday since last Tuesday 11/07/2006..

11/07/2006 - Had dim sum buffet lunch and KTV at KBox Marina Square by my JC classmates + 1 mutual NUS friend known to all of us. Also received a birthday card.

13/07/2006 - Birthday surprise by my SCAMP 2006 OG OSIRIS where they bought a birthday cake + sang birthday song for me in front of the NUS Science Rag Team. At night, met up with my sec sch buddy, Damon aka Ming Yang at Marina Square 店小二 for dinner and he paid for my share of the meal. Back home, my eldest brother gave me a nice looking polo shirt/t-shirt(dunno under which classification) from SEIYU and a leather iPod casing for my iPod video.

15/07/2006 - A Norton Antivirus from a friend + a sling bag from my church cell group cos I requested a new one since I've been carrying the old sling bag for years but never change and 2 of my close friends say it look so unglam -_-"

16/07/2006 - My 2nd sis agreed to pay for the 2 music CDs I bought in the afternoon since I can't decide on a good jacket/windbreaker to buy since most of them are quite expensive but the designs ain't nice. Lastly, the cool leather sling bag from 2 "younger brothers" I've made in the span of a year.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I know this story is long but please take some of your time off to finish reading it. Took much effort to translate this from Chinese but the meaning behind it is beautiful...


“A devil dropped a mask during his travel.

A little girl was curious at first and picked the mask up. After looking at it for a few times, she wore the mask.

However, the devil’s mask was stuck onto her face and she couldn’t take it off.

The little girl became a hideous monster.

She was scared and ran back to the village to find her mother.

The little girl’s mother couldn’t recognize the little girl and even ganged up with other villagers to chase her away.

The little girl was devastated.

In the end, a little boy who grew up together with the little girl appeared.

He recognized the hideous monster as the little girl because he believed that was the little girl he grew up with.

The little girl got someone’s trust and the devil’s mask fell off

And she went into the arms of the little boy.”

“Have you heard of this story before?” Her arms around his shoulders and hugging him.

Her dazzling locks drooped onto his chest… the sweet scent on her etched into his memory.

This sweet & special scent gave him a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Of course he heard it before. This story, she said it to him numerous times.

“Do you want to send me off tomorrow?” He turned and looked at her, whispering into her ears.

“I don’t want to do that… Because I will cry…” She pouts.

The expression of controlling herself from crying makes him want to laugh

Just this act made him feel that she’s cute.

They are of marriageable age

Because of his job, he needs to be on overseas assignment for a year.

If it was possible, how he wished that he could bring her along his side

However, her parents do not allow of this.

“When you are overseas, you must think of me ok?”

“I will. Other than you, I will not think of anyone else.”


“I promise~”

He pinched her on the nose, gently covering her lips.

Her tears fell uncontrollably. Her rosy cheeks seem redder under the street lights.

He almost gave up on this idea of going overseas to enrich himself.

“Don’t cry… For you… I will come back immediately and we will hold the grandest and most solemn wedding. How about that?”

“Ok… ok... Sobs…”

“Don’t cry anymore. My heart aches to see you like that. I love you.”

“I love you too.” In this life, he only loved her.

Not long after sending him off… After a couple of months...

She was with her friends shopping… Met with a mishap of being knocked down by a drunk driver.

Her life was on the brink of danger of losing. She was rescued back with much effort.

However, her looks became hideous.

During the course of the operation, the sewing was a failure and resulted in the damage of her facial nerves.

She lay on the bed and cried bitterly.

With a beautiful face gone, there is no meaning of stay alive further.

Why not just die and end everything?

Her parents looked at her but never once face to face.

If it wasn’t for her friends’ support, she wouldn’t be able to carry on living like that.

“This is his e-mail address. Do you want to send him an e-mail?” Her friend asked sincerely.

Because of her looks caused her to close the door to her heart, afraid of talking to people.

Even the one she loved so dearly, she doesn’t even dare to talk to him.

“He’s been worried for you; always want to know your condition.”

“You want me to say?? You want me to say with this face of mine?? My parents don’t accept me… Moreover it’s him! I can’t…I don’t have the courage to face him…”

She touched that twisted face of hers which resembles a hideous monster.

Where is the girl from before? She’s disappeared.

What will he think of her? Will he still love her? Will he still like her?

She doesn’t even dare to think of being able to get married to him.

“This… is also a chance to test him ah”

Under the encouragement from her friend, she finally started to e-mail him.

But she never told him how she really turned into. Because she is fearful..

Soon after, time just went by day after day just like that.

The day of the one year meeting is almost here.

His replies would always happily describe the future between the 2 of them.

She saw the e-mails. Her heart broke. She was afraid.

Finally, the day he’s coming back has finally arrived.

With the accompaniment of her friends, her chest was filled with enormous fear and uneasiness.

However, deep in her heart, there is still a strand of hope of gambling her chance.

Will it be like the story she said before. Will he recognize her?

She wore a hat, sunglasses, a mask…

Upon reaching the airport, standing far far away at a corner to wait for her loved one to enter the arrival hall.

He was elated upon alighting from the plane.

1 whole year of thoughts of her filled his heart. His love for her is indescribable.

Over the year of calling her, even though it was cut off in the middle.

But they still exchange e-mails after that, remembering the thoughts for each other.

On one hand, he was worried.

Why was there a period of no updates from her? Her friends never said anything.

Let’s forget about this for now.

He stepped into the airport terminal. In the midst of the crowd, he was looking around for any slightest hint of her presence.

He believed that she would not be a girl who breaks her promises

She must be here. He went searching for her in the airport.

Finally, behind a pillar near to the EXIT

He saw her back, hiding behind the pillar.

He walked to her happily, hugged her from the back.

“I missed you so much! Came here to see me! Playing hide & seek with me ah?”

“You… managed to find me?” Her voice was soft, as if asking for a confirmation.

He felt weird. He turned her around. How come she’s covering up her face?

“You… you… you still recognize me?”

Her choked voice came out underneath of her mask

Something must have happened… Otherwise why would she behave like this?

“Of course I recognized you! I love you!”

“Then… would you still love me when I’m like this?”

Under his attention, she took off her hat, her sunglasses and lastly… her mask…

A hideous-looking face appeared in front of his eyes…

People all around were stunned… There were loud murmurs discussing how she looked

He was stunned for a moment, soon after broke into a smile

He didn’t bother… Hugged her into his arms… gently whispering into her ears…

“How beautiful… Of course I love you.”

He gently touched the big and small scars on her face… His kisses were like light raindrops onto her scars… Even though her face had changed, the face from before isn’t there anymore, he still love her as much as before…

They started preparing for their wedding…

Even though his parents do not agree to this marriage, he still insisted on it..

Because he truly love her.

He loves her for her heart… Not for her looks…

That’s why, he recognized her at first glance.

Ever since he returned back to the country, in order to get into his job fast, he would always return home late in the night.

That’s why she’s always worried

Even though he would often call her to inform her of his whereabouts

She would always be worried and fearful

Whether his love for her will diminish because of her looks

She became to keep everything to herself and lost her self-confidence

At first, she would just call him frequently

If he was only one minute late, she would ask him where and what he had been doing.

She started to become suspicious and became a little hysterical,

Till the extent of hoping him that he would not have to go out to work.

He frowned. Many times he wished to explain things clearly.

But in order not to cause any hurts in her heart, he just bear with her.

Slowly, she became unreasonable, like a madwoman.

Everything he did must be explained. After explaining, she would get suspicious again.

After getting suspicious, she would demand confirmations of his explanations. Again & again…

He couldn’t withstand the pressure from his job and other matters.

Facing her groundless accusations, finally… He said it!

“Don’t make your heart turn as hideous as your looks!”

He said it out… angrily…

Facing his criticism, she cried. She didn’t want things to happen like this. Because she’s very afraid of losing him…

So she thought of ways of keeping him by her side but never expected to make him perplexed.

In the past, she wasn’t like that. Her face turned ugly, so did her heart… All of these caused by a change in her appearance.

She decided to apologize. She made a call to him. He said to her that he was having a meeting.

Thus she went to his workplace… But his colleagues said that he didn’t turn up for work…

She was stupefied…

Stunned… She tried calling him on his cell phone again… However he never switched on his phone.

She began to worry. Did he go to look for other women?

Thinking of that, she wrinkled her eyebrows… Because of her wild imaginations, he began to run away.

Thus it turned to worry. She should have trusted him more

However while she was walking on the streets, there was a café with glass panels situated across her.

She saw very clearly that he was with another woman…

She never thought that, her imagination would come true…

Separated by the glass panels, she looked as he laughed & giggled with the other woman. She broke down.

That woman has got a beautiful face.

That was what she had before… but she had lost it.

She really hated… really hated him!

He really disliked her for being ugly, disliked her for not being beautiful. He doesn’t want her anymore!

After a few days… she annulled the wedding engagement. He didn’t know for what reasons. He tried looking her up at her house but was always rejected.

She didn’t even bother to listen to his last explanation.

Another year had gone since then.

She carried on living with that hideous looking mask on her.

Until her friend tried encouraging her to go for a facial surgery

She disagreed again and again. At least with a face like hers, she would see the true face of many others.

But then, her friend never gave up. Under the many times of encouragement from her friend

She went to Japan with her friend and parents to do the surgery.

Her friend emphasized that the doctor is a famous one… She would definitely get her face back.

She just gave a weak smile. She just harbor the thought of just gambling won’t do any harm.

After all, it’s just a piece of skin.

After 12 hours of surgery and another 1 month of recuperation,

She took off her bandages with her friend.

A familiar face appeared… It was the look of her from before.

The “her” from before has come back!

She was struggling to smile. Her face has returned but he isn’t there with her anymore

Ever since then, she started living a different life. Another fresh beginning.

Her social circle began to widen… She started to know more people…

Also began to know and found a guy who can be with her forever.

She don’t want love, she want happiness… It was this face that gave her that beautiful happiness.

Along with her prospective husband, she came to Japan… Thinking of thanking the doctor who performed the surgery on her.

Just so happened that the hospital gave her a reply that the doctor isn’t in…

She waited for a long time… Still the doctor never appeared…

Getting on her feet, wanting to leave the hospital

Suddenly at the corner, she accidentally bumped into a patient, whose face is covered by bandages.

“Sorry,” she said in her not so fluent Japanese.

Only to see that the patient seem surprised to see her and almost left hurriedly.

She seemed to have thought of something…

She caught the hand of that patient, still saying in her not so fluent Japanese

“The doctors here are very good. They perform the surgery. Your face will recover to before.

See! I had done my operation here! Beautiful isn’t it!”

“…….” The patient didn’t say anything…

Her fiancée was calling to her at the entrance.

She smiled a while at the patient. Then walked out of the hospital

Looking at the hospital entrance, saw the blessed smile on her face…

He just cried bitterly.

Suddenly, the female doctor appeared behind the patient, saying in her fluent and authentic Japanese

“You truly love her, because of her, you donated your skin on the face… However she doesn’t recognize you…

1 year ago you started to find me to perform this operation, are you happy with this ending?

But I can recover your face free of charge…”

“There’s no need for it… Let it be this way that she doesn’t recognize me…

Let me carrying on living with this mask then…”

The patient was in tears…

When she was approaching him, it left that unique and sweet-smelling scent made him feel lonelier.

The little boy picked up the devil’s mask…

Hoping to see whether the little girl would recognize him or not…

However not only it left the little girl in tears… she told him not to come near her

And the little boy continued to wear that devil’s mask, living the rest of his life pitifully…

Monday, June 05, 2006


Went down to SAC yesterday, my mother church's 150th Anniversary Service as I was invited by Gabriel Leng, my SM for a sem before he graduated. Never felt better to be back with GOD after not attending services for quite a while.

Then went down to meet my sec 4 classmates for dinner at Marche at Suntec as a form of welcoming back dinner for Ming Yang and meeting Keng Siong who's serving the nation in Civil Defence. Chatted a bit at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf after dinner then went separate ways.

Went down to Orchard CD-Rama this afternoon. Wanted to just buy Corrinne May's 2nd album - Safe In A Crazy World but the staff said it was sold out. Then looked around and saw JJ Lin Jun Jie's new album's songs VCD came out so bought it and remembered my CD-Rama Card is expiring soon and I can redeem a $20 CD-Rama Voucher cos accumulated 9 points and 10 if i bought this VCD with some batteries to make it past $20. So I did and then bought Hong Jun Yang's 1st and new album and some more batteries to make it past $20 for the $20 voucher. Then the staff whom I asked about the Corrinne May's album came to the counter and found the album for me. Wanted to get it for a long time then bought it with some battries to get it past $20 and get a new CD-Rama card. Then now total expenditure $41.80. -_-" But it's all for good music. and SUPPORT ORIGINAL MUSIC BY BUYING ORIGINAL CDs.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Of Red Bulls and NUS Examinations

Within 6 days from 21st May to 27th May, I went through 4 papers of my modules and the "blur" me only realised it after I finished the papers. And being the crazy me, I went to the Prime Supermarket near my place to buy 2 packs of 4 cans each of Red Bull, the silver and blue kind, not the red and gold one as I find the former more effective for me to stay awake and always not forget to drink them before I go out for the day to NUS library to mug and my papers.

Awaiting for my last paper on 2nd May, i'm too distracted by the "break" of 4 days from my 4th paper to this last and 5th paper. So being the easily tempted me, I went down to Liang Court's Kinokuniya with Soon Fatt on last Friday to bring Books 1-5 of the comic "Bleach" and Bras Basah's CD-Rama to get both Gary 曹格 and Tank's album as I've been wanting to buy their albums for some time.

Once I went home, I only found out that my sis, had bought the comic series of Bleach from Book 1 to the latest Book 21. -_-" Now I dunno what to do with those 5 books. Perhaps to find someone who's willing to get the books at a lower price.

Slacking too much these few days so most likely dragging myself down to NUS Science Library on May Day to get myself to study for my paper on Tuesday. Half of my friends have already finished their papers by then but too bad for me. I chose the modules and fully know when their exam dates are so I can't complain.

iPod Nano or iPod Video? My mom made it clear to me some time back that she won't indulge me by giving me money to buy a MP3 player so either I work to earn money to buy it or wait for money to drop from the sky eg the Progress Package given to Singapore citizens. =P So now i'm deciding Apple's iPod Nano or iPod Video. I don't intend to look for other brands of MP3 Players as I intend to make my MP3 Player a portable thumbdrive or hard drive with sufficient disk space to throw other stuff into it.

Quite a short update since it's been quite long ago I did any updates anyway....